Wherever you are, all the experiences and benefits of in-person Soul Work are available through remote sessions. Sliding scale donation amounts are the same whether remote or in-person, and are payable with PayPal after the session: 

30 min: $30-$60

60 min: $60-$120

90 min: $90-$180

If you're new to the concept of distance healing, you may want to visit the following article for a short introduction to some theories behind the practice:

                "How Does Distance Healing Work?"

When scheduling your appointment, please include your Skype ID, FaceTime, or phone number in accordance with your session preference. I do not record sessions but recommend that you come prepared to take notes and/or record the session for yourself. 

Schedule an appointment here.

*Please note, I am on Eastern Time, US.

Distance Healing

‚ÄčElena Amato, MA, WSLC

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