These handmade flower essence and crystal elixirs carry the organic healing vibrations of their flower and gemstone origins and have been lovingly crafted in my family garden.

By taking 2-4 drops 4 times a day, you set into motion your soul's innate healing mechanisms while the vibrations of well-being dissolve old disharmonious patterns.

The elixirs are free of harmful side effects, can be taken alongside any herbs or medications, and are effective remedies for adults, children, and animals.

Each essence blend is made of: 

spring water

native and fair trade flowers

high vibration crystals 

and a splash of brandy for preservation.

You can find the complete apothecary on Etsy

or request a personalized blend here. 

Flower Essence and Crystal Elixirs

​​​​​​​​​​Elena Amato

Energy Medicine