Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgery is a manner of energy healing that facilitates deep and lasting change in all layers of the human being. It is a method passed down from the Ancients of retrieving the Divine Blueprint of an individual soul and reweaving it into their etheric, mental, and physical bodies so that wellness replaces illness.

While you rest on the table, the practitioner moves throughout the treatment space, using the energy flowing through her hands, eyes, breath, and voice to clear blockages, heal wounds and trauma, cut energetic cords, transition and/or mediate with entities and ancestors, convey attunements, dissolve limiting patterns of belief and behavior, and introduce new beliefs, patterns, and energies that are in alignment with Divine Order and the soul’s highest good. Occasionally the practitioner will use gentle physical touch, but often she works in the space outside of the physical body.

While receiving, you may enter a deep state of restfulness, have waking dreams, receive messages, experience physical sensations, or none of the above. Every surgery and recipient is unique, and whatever you experience is meant just for you.

Who is Psychic Surgery for?

This treatment is currently reserved for women. Men are invited to visit for a male practitioner of similar training.

What does Psychic Surgery treat?

Psychic Surgery is a powerful remedy for pain, anxiety, depression, inflammation, disharmonic relationships, mental fog, fears, “stuckness,” spiritual growth and transformation, imbalanced emotions, illness and disease, and limiting patterns of all kinds. ​