​​​Soul Work

Elena Amato, MA, WSLC

 Energy Medicine 

Within us is the memory of all we have experienced and all we have come to learn and heal.

In the natural process of evolution, of en-lighten-ment, the old must clear away for the new.

And so it is to the soul, also known as the causal body, the repository of all memories and patterns, where the wise come to clean house.

Many of us remember that we are supposed to be whole and feel the pain of separation from that wholeness, our Holiness. While in the truest sense we are never anything but perfect and complete, our experiences in mind and body can offer very different perceptions. The purpose of a Soul Work healing session is the restructuring and reorientation of the mind, body, and soul to the truth of your perfect wholeness.  

I perceive the origin of most physical, mental, emotional, and energetic conditions as residing in the unseen planes and dimensions. Therefore, I offer treatment and intervention at this level so that the problem is uprooted at the source.  Every perfect diamond begins in the rough, and similarly it is the polishing of the mind and its manifestations that will ultimately reveal the beauty and illumination of any situation. 

Each Soul Work session blends energy healing, spiritual guidance, intuitive readings and messages as you need that day. We will generally spend the first part in a reading and the second in journeying and energy work via decrees/mantra/breathwork and channeled healing through my hands and the Universal Field into the bio-energetic field surrounding the physical. 

Sessions are available via FaceTime, Skype, and phone.

In-person services are available on a limited basis in the greater Baltimore area until the end of May.

Suggested Sliding Scale Donations are as Follows

30 minutes / $30-$60

60 minutes / $60-$120

90 minutes / $90-$ 180

  See current availability and schedule.