Spiritual Counsel 

Spiritual Counsel is a treatment specializing in the mental and emotional bodies, especially regarding the way they interact with the concept of Self and other. In particular, Spiritual Counsel is a way to look inside at the operating systems in place, to decide if you still want them, and then replace them with programs that are more effective at bringing long-lasting happiness, peace, health, and ease of being. All faiths and philosophies are honored here, including atheist, agnostic, and the spectrum between, and this service is especially honed for women on the path of awakening, re-invention, and self-love. You will almost certainly be given homework to perform on your own outside of the discussion, meditations, and practices that may take place during the session.

While there are infinite experiences and outcomes to Spiritual Counsel, the following are commonalities:

Messages from Spirit (Mother-Father God, Creator, Source, The Unified Field, Self)
Deeper self-understanding and compassion
Enhanced connection to Spirit  beyond the session

Who is Spiritual Counsel for?

I currently work only with women. Men are invited to visit
www.balancedbodiesbalancedminds.com for a male practitioner of similar training.

‚ÄčElena Amato, MA, WSLC

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