Elena's spirit energy is like a warm hug of love. Her gentleness and her approach immediately put you at ease and allow you to open up in the sacred space she holds for you during a session. Her ability to channel messages and insight into a reading is like no other I have experienced.  Her intuitive abilities are very powerful as a force of love -- never fear.  Readings with her have changed my life and given me so much support when I have been at a crossroads for guidance from the Universe.

Additionally, I hired Elena to give readings to participants at a workshop... every guest who had a reading experienced deep and profound wisdom and walked away from the experience so grateful to have had a reading with her.

Stacey A.

Thank you so much! My back pain is gone!!!


​Magical and authentic!
Your essence and talents are so essential and life affirming.

Lisa B.

​Amazing. You are such a gentle soul. I enjoyed every moment we spent together. Thank you.


​It was astoundingly accurate and made me think about how I treat myself and interact with others. It was a 5 minute session that opened me up and put me back together in a calming, healthy way.

Cat W.

Thank you so much for your energy and time.
I have felt your wonderful energy and it helped me a lot.


​Elena gave me a Destiny Reading and Psychic Surgery via Skype in October of this year. My life at that time was very much in flux and I needed some grounding and guidance.

So much has happened since then and all of her reading insights have come to pass. At first I thought that using Skype would negatively affect either part of the experience, but thankfully, that was not the case. It was as if we were in the same room, less due to Skype and more due to Elena herself. 

The power of the Psychic Surgery was impressive to say the least. Not only was she right about me, but also my children, and happily so. It is good to know that Elena is accessible, regardless of her physical location and I look forward to my next reading for the rest of the year to come.

Angela P.


​​​​​​​​​​Elena Amato

Energy Medicine